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VorzAmp PURE



VorzAMPpure™ comprises of 4 internal amplifiers with top notch components to give its listeners the ultimate audio experience/clarity. Besides great audio fidelity, VorzAMPpure™ has since experienced revisions specially designed for the sensitive IEMS to mid-range impedance Earphones. Through our handcrafted assembly, stringent testing and audio matching procedures our boutique company is able to ensure high hardware quality. VorzAMPpure™ is a fully Analog System, meaning absolutely no quantization error or any inaccuracy due to Aliasing. The audio capabilities of this exceptional Headphone Amplifier exceeds beyond the audible range into the subsonic and supersonic frequencies; this is because research has shown that though such frequencies can’t be heard, it can be felt.


Silver Solder with Gold Compound For the most discerning audio listeners and professionals who seek only unsurpassed sound quality, Vorzüge products uses the World renown Mundorf™ precious metals Silver-Gold solder.
Gold Plated PCB The PCB is Gold plated to prevent the development of corrosion and oxidation prior and during soldering. This in turn prevents future disconnection or air gaps from forming, resulting in a high level of contact reliability and a continuous audio signal.
Top Grade Metal Film Resistor At Vorzüge, we hold our standards for analog audio devices highly. We use the best components to achieve extremely low intrinsic noise, high linearity of amplification, and minimal dynamic distortion.
The Right Metallic Capacitors Because every circuitry is different from another. Our team of audio engineers together with our contacts in the professional music industry conduct hours upon hours of hearing tests to find the perfect fit.
Lithium-ion Power Supply VorzAMP™ use 2x1000mAh quality rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with built in safety circuit to safeguard your Amplifier. Giving you about 26 hours of average play time. Convenient USB charging. True Dual Power Supply.
Environmental Friendly It’s what VorzAMP™ doesn’t have that makes it environmentally friendly. It’s free of many harmful toxins like mercury, arsenic, BFRs and PVC. All its components are RoHS internationally compliant.
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3.5mm (Female)


3.5mm (Female)


3.5mm, USB 2.0 (Mini B)

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