德國 Violectric – DHA V590² PRO 旗艦級座枱純平衡耳擴+純解碼 | 256-step relay attenuator | 支援最高 DSD256, 32bit/384kHz | XLR4pin, 4.4mm, 6.3mm 耳機輸出 | 可調增益 | 前級功能(可切換) | 德國製造


port: USB 2.0
color: black
headphone Out: 1 (bal., XLR 4-pole), 2
housing: Desktop
bit depth: 32 Bit
amplifier channels: 2
sample rate: max. 384 kHz
dimensions: 290 x 80 x 248 mm (W x H x D)


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德國 Violectric


旗艦級純平衡耳擴+純解碼 | 256-step relay attenuator | 支援最高 DSD256, 32bit/384kHz | XLR4pin, 4.4mm, 6.3mm 耳機輸出 | 可調增益 | 前級功能(可切換) | 德國製造



The DHA V590 Pro is the new top device in the Violectric range. It offers a state-of-the-art D/A converter and a headphone amplifier. The D/A converter is a new development and includes a 32-bit resampler / reclocker and two 32-bit D/A converters per channel. The latest findings from the multiple test winners from Violectric and Niimbus were implemented in the headphone amplifier. Most functions can be conveniently controlled using a stylish remote. With its incomparable technology, DHA V590 Pro not only offers one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers in the market, but also:

Lowest Noise – through a very small amount of internal gain. This makes the amplifier’s self-generated noise inaudible.

High Output Voltage – through 50 V internal operating voltage. Therefore ideally suited for high-impedance headphones deserving high output voltage swing.

High Output Power – thanks to powerful amplifiers that offer far more power even the most demanding headphones would need. So best suited for headphones with low impedances as well as magnetostatic headphones

High Damping Factor – due to lowest output impedance. Therefore the ideal match for difficult to drive headphones without negative side effects and with the guarantee for a uncompromising frequency response.

It is on you:
Headphone amplifier? Pre-amplifier? Both ! The headphone outputs and / or the line outputs can be activated / deactivated by buttons on the front or by remote control. Connect not only your headphones to the DHA V590 Pro but also your power amplifier or your active speakers and enjoy a compact and fantastic sounding headphone amplifier with a State-of-the-art D/A converter and a premium preamplifier

Control the DHA V590 Pro with its stylish remote control, milled from a solid piece of aluminum. Via infrared rays you have access to motorized volume control, mute, input selection, resampling settings, Headphone and line-out control.


  • Remote control for input selection, resampling, volume, output, mute
  • 3 analogue stereo inputs, 2 x unbalanced via RCA, 1 x balanced via XLR
  • 4 digital inputs, bal, coax, opto with 24 bit and 192 kHz capability, USB with up to 32 bits and up to 384 kHz for PCM signals, DSD 64 – 256
  • 32 Bit Resampling / Reclocking with 180 dB dynamic range, modes: Off / x 1 / x 2 / x 4 / Best
  • 2 x 32 bit D/A converters per channel with -112 dB THD+N and 120 dB dynamic range
  • +/- 18 dB Pre-Gain for a perfect match of the DHA V590 Pro between source and headphones
  • A motorized volume control and a balance control
  • 4 powerful amps offering 5500 mW Pmax into 50 Ohm and 21 V RMS into 600 Ohm
  • Monitoring of the headphone output in terms of DC and overload
  • Headphone path and line-out path individually selectable
  • 2 single ended headphone outputs with 6,3 mm jack, 1 balanced output with 4-pin XLR
  • Line-out, 1 x unbalanced via RCA, 1 x balanced via XLR
  • Adaptation of the line-out signal to the following devices in the range of +/- 18 dB
  • 2 toroidal transformers, > 35,000 uF filter capacity

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AES/EBU, Coaxial 同軸 RCA / S/PDIF RCA (Female), Optical 光纖方頭 / S/PDIF TOSLINK (Female), RCA, USB, XLR


6.3mm, RCA (Line Out), RCA (Pre Out), XLR 4-pin, 4.4mm 平衡 (Female), XLR 3-pin (Line Out), XLR 3-pin (Pre Out)






旗艦型號, 發燒級, 鑑聽

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