美國 ALO Salty Pepper Headphone Cable for AUDEZE LCD series 高純度鍍銀耳機升級線


Input : 6.3mm standard stereo terminal
Output : AUDEZE LCD series for terminal
Exterior material : Polyethylene (PE)
Conductor material : High-purity copper, silver-plated, high-purity copper
Conductor diameter : 22 AWG
The number of conductors : 8

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The ALO Salty Pepper

The Salty Pepper headphone cable utilizes ALO Reference geometry and specialized PE jacketing. It is composed of four high purity silver-plated copper conductors and four high purity classic copper conductors, giving its sonic presentation the benefits of refined highs, detailed lows and a welcoming midrange. This cable provides an undeniably appealing sonic experience.

Powerful dynamics. Rich bass tones and a punchy delivery characterize the appealing sonic character of this cable.  Made for the headphone enthusiast who demands the finest quality.  Deep and rich low frequency extension for their favorite headphone.

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6.3mm 直插


Mini XLR (4-pin) x2

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