Oriolus 1795 便攜式藍牙5.0解碼器+4.4mm平衡 手提耳機擴音機

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Gain +3dB
Maximum output power 350mW (32ohm)
SNR -111db
THD+N 0.02%
Frequency range 10hz-50khz
Net weight 165g
Size 120x57x16.5mm

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4.4mm平 衡, 3.5mm 輸 出 /

藍 牙 5.0, NFC, LDAC, aptX, atpxHD, aptXLL /

USB DAC, PCM1795 解 碼 晶 片 /

無 線 充 電 / 

平 衡  擴 音 機


Oriolus 1795 CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 NFC Portable HiFiI Headphone Amplifier USB DAC


Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip

1795 is a portable HIFI Bluetooth decoded amplifier, which adopts Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip and supports HD Bluetooth audio encoding format.


The classic PCM1795 DAC chip

AK4125VF chip is innovatively adopted to increase the sampling rate of Bluetooth signal to 192kHz/24Bit, so as to improve the resolution accuracy, and then through the high-performance decoder chip PCM1795 to carry out DAC, accurately restore the quality of music, even wireless transmission can enjoy the ultra-high quality music.


CVC phone call noise reduction technology

1795 has a built-in independent microphone and adopts CVC phone call noise reduction technology to make the phone calls clearer. In addition, it is equipped with NFC fast Bluetooth pairing, wireless charging, USB sound card and other functions.


Small size, beautiful appearance

Compact shape easy to carry, aluminum alloy material CNC integrated processing molding, high strength front and rear glass cover.


Support computer USB sound card,no manual installation drive, plug and play.


Support iPhone and some Android phones to check the battery of the device after connecting to the phones.

Support 5W wireless charging.


The difference of 3.5PRO and 4.4mm Version

3.5PRO Version output port:3.5mm balanced output/2.5mm balanced output/3.5mm single end output

Charging port: Type-C

4.4mm Version output port: 4.4mm balanced output/3.5mm single end output

Charging port: Type-C


Bluetooth version: 5.0

Communication range/visibility range: 10m

Single end output power: 150mW@32ohm

Single end THD: 0.008%@1kHz

Single end SNR: 108dB@1kHz

Balanced output power: 220mW@32ohm

Balanced THD: 0.006%

Balanced SNR: 112dB

Weight: 109g

Size: 95.9×50.7×15.4mm

Life time: 7hours(SBC, AAC transport protocols)

Charging time: ≤3hours(5V/1A)

Wireless charging: ≤3hours(5V/1A)


Oriolus 1795 amplifier

TYPE-C charging cable



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Bluetooth, USB (Type-C)


3.5mm (Female), 4.4mm 平衡


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