美國 ALO LCD-2 專用升級線 Reference 8 (銅線 22AWG)


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The ALO audio Reference 8 Copper with FEP jacket headphone cable for the LCD2 headphone.

The new ALO Reference 8 cable is light and flexible. Because it utilizes a perfectly symmetrical geometry it naturally articulates in any direction with ease, yet has all the dynamics and bass as its larger 18awg flat weave version.

The ALO audio Reference geometry utilizes eight wires of high purity, specially tempered copper in a perfectly symmetrical geometry that utilizes common mode cancellation, a proprietary signal configuration that allows for a neutral and non coloring sound. An all mono copper ultra-fine stranded 22awg x 8 cable geometry in a clear, tough FEP jacket. This cable is made in Portland Oregon using the specially modified ALO audio weaving machine. Like all ALO audio cables we do not use shielding that can create a adverse impedance and smash / close in on the sound stage.

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3.5mm, 6.3mm 直插, Mini XLR



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