英國 KEF – LSX II 進階無線主動式書架喇叭 | 高清網絡串流 | 支援最高 DSD, MQA, PCM 24bit/384kHz | LAN,WiFi,BT | ROON Ready, Chromecast



  • 支援無線串流功能,包括 Airplay 2、Chromecast、藍牙、WiFi
  • 支援所有主流音樂媒體服務,並支援所有主流音源格式
  • 支援高達 24bit / 384kHz 的 PCM、DSD 及 MQA
  • 可與電視、筆電及任何其它設備連接:USB-C、HDMI ARC、類比輸入、重低音揚聲器輸出
  • 第 11 代 Uni-Q® 同軸共點單體營造精準的原音重現
  • Music Integrity Engine 技術讓音質更為豐富、動聽
  • 系統功率:低音 70W D 類、高音 30W D 類。最大 SPL:102 dB
  • 簡單的初始化設定流程指引,及以使用者為中心的各項功能
  • 搭配 KEF Connect 應用程式打造個人化聆聽體驗
  • 由 Michael Young 設計
  • 音箱設計最佳化,打造最佳聲學表現
  • 具有安裝支架的接孔,可穩固地放在 P1 桌上底座、S1 腳架、或 B1 壁掛之架上

英國 KEF


進階無線主動式書架喇叭 | 高清網絡串流 | 支援最高 DSD, MQA, PCM 24bit/384kHz | LAN,WiFi,BT | ROON Ready, Chromecast


There has never been a better time to discover the joy of being able to hear all the detail in your favourite songs. KEF’s six decades of experience in acoustic excellence combined with constant innovation and the development of wireless technology has led to the creation of LSX II; a compact wireless Hi-Fi system that delivers pure, accurate sound, but with the compatibility and convenience of the very best wireless technology.


Much more than a simple upgrade from the award-winning original, LSX II combines class-leading sound with the all-encompassing W2 wireless platform from LS50 Wireless II. Connectivity options are further enhanced by the addition of both HDMI and USB-C, making this an ideal companion for both TV and desktop computer systems.

LSX II delivers room-filling, natural, accurate sound from any source thanks to the knowledge and experience of KEF’s talented engineers and the iconic Uni-Q driver array. Plus it has a contemporary design courtesy of famed industrial designer Michael Young, and is available in a choice of five stylish finishes.



Summary of features:

• Plays all major music services and supports all major audio formats
• DSD, MQA and PCM up to 24bit/384kHz
• Comprehensive connectivity for your TV, laptop and any other equipment: USB-C, HDMI ARC, Analogue input, subwoofer output
• 11th Generation Uni-Q driver array for accurate,pristine sound
• Music Integrity Engine for rich, full-bodied sound
• System power: LF 70W class D, HF 30W class D,Max. SPL:102dB
• Intuitive on-boarding with user-centred features
• Personalised listening experience via KEF Connect App
• Design by Michael Young
• Optimised cabinet design for best acoustic performance
• Mounting inserts to secure on P1 desk pad, S1 floor stand and B1 wall bracket
• Available in 5 finishes: Carbon Black, Mineral White, Cobalt Blue, Lava Red and Soundwave by Terence Conran Edition

Additional information



Black, Blue, Red, White


有線, 無線, 藍牙, Bluetooth

單元數量 (每聲道/單聲道)





Bluetooth, Optical 光纖方頭 / S/PDIF TOSLINK (Female), 3.5mm (Female), HDMI ARC, LAN (Ethernet), WiFi


RCA (Subwoofer)

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