英國 iFi Audio – UNO 超小型桌上解碼連耳擴 | 3.5mm 輸出 | RCA前級輸出 | 支援最高DSD256, 32-bit/384kHz, MQA


Digital Input USB-C
Formats DSD 256 /11.3MHz
DXD 384kHz
PCM 384kHz
DAC Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by ESS
Line Section
Output 2V max.
Output Impedance <100Ω
SNR ≥119dBA
DNR ≥115dB @ 0dBFS
THD+N ≤0.03% @ 0dBFS
Headphone Section
Output ≥2.6V / 3.5V max. at 32Ω/300Ω
Output Power ≥211mW @ 32Ω; 39mW @ 300Ω
Output Impedance <1Ω
SNR ≥113dBA
DNR ≥110dB @ 0dBFS
THD+N ≤0.02% (1.27V @ 16Ω)
Channel separation ≥80dB (1kHz/600Ω)
Frequency Response 10-80kHz(-0.5dB)
Power supply requirement USB-C 5V/0.5A
Power consumption No Signal ~0.8W
Max Signal ~1.5W
Dimensions 88 x 81 x 26 mm (3.5″ x 2.8″ x 1.0″)
Net Weight 92 g (0.2 Ibs)

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英國 iFi


超小型桌上解碼連耳擴 | 3.5mm 輸出 | RCA前級輸出 | 支援最高DSD256, 32-bit/384kHz, MQA


Does the sound from your digital devices lack lustre when you listen to music, watch movies or play games? Then you need Uno, the sonic supercharger that makes everything sound more powerful, more detailed and more real, for a thrilling entertainment experience.

Not everyone knows about DACs, but every device that acts as a source of digital sound has one. Smartphones, computers, TVs, music systems – they all need DAC circuitry to convert digital audio data into an analogue signal, which is amplified to drive speaker or headphone diaphragms and generate sound waves.


Key features

Unlock bigger, bolder, more detailed sound to enhance your digital entertainment experience

USB-C input: connect Windows PCs, Apple Macs and all manner of tablets and smartphones

Sophisticated D/A conversion and amplification elevates audio to a thrilling new level

3.5mm headphone output, plus stereo RCA to connect to an amp or powered speakers

32-bit ES9219 Sabre DAC chip with HyperStream III architecture Quad DAC+ technology

Supports hi-res audio up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM, DSD256 and MQA

Advanced features include Dynamic Range Enhancement and dedicated clock circuitry

High-quality volume control and switchable gain to match your headphones

Music, Movie and Game EQ modes – adjust sound to suit your choice of entertainment

Mineral-filled polymer shell with aluminium front plate

Finished in Air Force Blue

Dimensions: 88x26x81mm WxHxD


Additional information

iFi audio


4.4mm 平衡, 6.3mm, RCA (Line Out), RCA (Pre Out), 4.4mm 平衡 Line out


USB 3.0 (Type B) (Female)



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