美國 DHC Symbiote ELITE 19 OCC Silver litz 頂級單晶純銀耳機升級線

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美國 DHC



Elite 19 OCC Silver

The world’s most extreme CIEM cable.
For 2 pin CIEM or MMCX.

Full review of Elite19 series on theheadphonelist.com!
“There’s no doubt, the DHC Molecule Elite 19 Fusion raises the bar for the HD800. If you want to push clarity, detail, soundstage, and fullness, you cannot go wrong with the Fusion.”

Elite 19 is our highest performing cable that is travel-friendly, with a 2.35mm wire diameter – much smaller than our previous extreme IEMflagships – and traditional braided format with 3D-printed, monogrammed Elite19 y-split.


18.8awg (~19awg) pure OCC silver litz.  Now available with Fusion wire – containing equal numbers of OCC copper and OCC silver bundles.  Fusion is easygoing with much of pure silver’s detail and a more affordable price.  Our 22awg silver IEM flagships are expanded to a configuration of 30 bundles arranged into six subgroups; Elite19 contains more than double the amount of OCC silver as Complement4 and Symbiote SP.  This makes it easily the largest OCC silver litz ever used in an IEM cable, and the most extreme IEM cable on the market – nothing else comes remotely close.  The ultrapure single-crystal litz silver bundles are arrayed into a cylindrical-tube layout inside each Elite19 wire.  This design greatly reduces skin effect as each strand alternates between the inside and the outside of the wire construct along the cable’s length, equalizing impedance throughout the wire.  Each tiny strand of OCC silver is coated in an invisible, razor-thin enamel layer which prevents oxidation and cross-talk between strands, eliminating diodic junctions and their propensity for energy storage.  This conductor goes above and beyond in terms of current carrying capability. Not just any OCC silver, we have combed the world for silver that sounds this way, casting many possible designs and materials aside.  This metal is chosen for its unique combination of precision and forgiveness.  We find it even less harsh-sounding than copper, even with troublesome recordings, due to its refinement.  Those who hear our silver ask “How is this silver?  It’s so smooth and easygoing.”

Center conductive/damping core.  DHC helped introduce type 4 litz with our original Peptide V2 type 4 litz wires – an optimized version of the type 2 litz with a core of damping material at the center, keeping the litz strands out of the wire’s “dead spot” at its center, and aiding in litz’s prime goal of equally distributing each strand between the wire’s surface and its interior.  With Elite19, we take the damping core feature to a higher level with our conductive core – a DHC first.  The core is made of a resistive material which absorbs any internal static buildup.

Multicore type4/type6 layout.  The more complex nature of Elite19’s colossal 18.8awg conductors requires a second level of six cores, made of pure cotton, to organize the bundles.  This provides support and damping throughout the wire.

Flexible, clear PE insulation.  This material offers the best combination of dielectric constant, damping, flexibility, and overall feel.  See the litz masterpiece inside through the clear insulation.  We consider this cable “extreme but wearable” – it’s not small, but it feels pretty good around your ears.  It’s not going to beat the ease of Symbiote SP for travel by any means, but if you’re dedicated then take it on the go.  Of course, it will dominate any other CIEM cable for home use.

Standard: titanium alloy CNC y-split with machined DHC logo.  Our new titanium alloy split is lathed from a 10mm titanium rod, and our exclusive figure-8 hole pattern maximizes use of space for an ultra-light, ultra compact split that is no bigger than the tiny Eidolic E-SX6.  The titanium split is chamfered at each end and circular-polished for a smooth feel.  Available only at DHC!

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3.5mm 直插, 2.5mm 平衡


MMCX, CM 2-pin



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