美國 ALO 0.8mm 低溫純銀3.5 接 3.5訊號線 SXC 18awg


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美國ALO audio 0.8mm 低溫純銀3.5 接 3.5訊號線 SXC 18awg Mini to Mini


護套材料:聚乙烯板/ Polyethylene (PE)
導體材料:純銅鍍高純度銀 (SXC)

Intro: The New ALO Cryo SXC 18AWG Mini to Mini Cable

The wire I had custom made for ALO exclusively. Tuned for what I wanted to hear in a portable audiophile grade cable. The wire starts with unusually hight strand count Ohno continuous cast mono crystal copper stranded wire that I had them silver plate each strand, then the wire is in a extremely flexible Polyethylene (PE) clear jacket. I made this for 2 main reasons, one to protect the copper from future oxidation (a primarily cosmetic coloring of the wire), this happens to wire that is physically handled a lot in a portable cable and two to give the cable a “silver” sounding detail to it. This cable is both warm yet exquisitely detailed, not laid back nor not muddy but still having a warm phat bottom end. Physically the cable while large is beautifully supple and easy to bend and does not put stress in your mini jacks. The mini plugs are Cryoed gold Switchcraft minis. These are fabulous mini plugs that are not too large and will not interfere with the space on small amps.

I then took all this a step further by contracting to cryo treat my entire shipment of wire, all my mini plugs and even the ipod connectors. So the entire cable from tip to tip – Cryo Treated for the maximum sonic performance.

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