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日本 Sony PCM-M10 Linear 手提數碼錄音機


日本 Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM 手 提 數 碼 錄 音 機   ‧ Linear PCM錄音機 ‧ 96kHz, 24bit linear


日本 OLYMPUS LS-100 數碼 Linear PCM 錄音機


日本 OLYMPUS LS-100 數 碼 Linear PCM 錄 音 機   詳細官方產品資料 : OLYMPUS   介紹高音數碼 Linear PCM LS-100 錄音筆,最大聲壓級別為


Korg Sound on Sound 無間斷手提錄音播放器


KORG SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder

Creativity without limitations. The SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder allows an unlimited number of overdubs, to preserve and capture all of your inspired moments.

In the Studio – Korg Sound on Sound Recorder

Main features

Pocket-sized, portable, and battery powered, the SOUND on SOUND multitrack recorder provides on-board rhythms, effects, and an infinite number of overdubs for truly creative recordings

With the built-in speaker and an internal high-quality stereo mic, you can capture and review your recordings instantly, without the need for any additional equipment

Advanced recording features include unlimited undo/redo, loop recording, and Sound Stretch –adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch

100 on-board effects – powered by Korg’s proprietary REMS technology – to enhance your recordings using a wide range of instruments
Record along to 50 preset rhythm patterns, covering a broad variety of styles

Record and save up to 200 songs in WAV format
High-performance guitar, bass, and chromatic tuners are built in
Records up to ten hours on a pair of AA batteries
Wedge-shaped design is easy to use as a hand-held recorder or on a desktop

KORG AUDIO UTILITY software provides format conversion and audio CD creation. Downloadable free from